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Social Media Marketing

We Take the Hassle out of the Hustle™

Welcome To My Page!

 I am Lexi Gillum, and I specialize in Social Media Management for multiple social platforms! I’ve been in the biz for over four years, and have gained the knowledge and skillset to help build a professional and up-to-date social footprint for your trade. I take pride in empowering small businesses with social media methods that keep your industry connected with who matters most; your customers and clients.

I also consult start-ups on how to begin their social media journey by setting up their platforms, and teaching them how to connect with their potential community ORGANICALLY!

With all these free tools the online world has to offer, I have narrowed my niche and can help you grow your business through EMAIL MARKETING. Using a detailed email campaign, together we can reach more by doing less! 


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Social Media

If you’re a small business without an online presence, you are MISSING OUT on a HUGE
market of potential connections!

Does this sound like you?

  • Social Media is important to you, but you aren’t sure how to use it to its full potential.
  • Time is precious, and you don’t have enough of it to be consistent on social media.
  • You’re a small business that must be conscious of your finances…..

Well That’s Where I Come In!

“I Take The Hassle Out of the Hustle!”

  • I am constantly researching the rapidly changing ways to help build your brand on all socials, and can help you understand the best platforms that will benefit your business.
  • Although I can’t give you back more hours in the day, I can give you back TIME. Let me take over the work of consistent posting and engagement so you can get back to the most important part of your business, fostering connections.
  • I work with small businesses so that I can help bring value to my community by offering affordable services to those that truly need it most. This is why I keep my client list small so that I can reach each business with the time and care it takes to build an online network.

Content Creation

I’ll help you create a brand through beautiful content that’s specific to your Niche!

Platform Set-Up

Let me create and customize Any Social Platform for your business easily and effectively.

Community Support

With the right tools, I can engage and monitor your followers and clients so you ALWAYS stay connected

Email Marketing

Let’s create a successful plan to market to your best audience for a high drive in traffic.

Lexi created so many amazing graphics and videos for my social media. I’ll always go back to LTG Services.

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Project Manager

Content Creation

Finding ways to create new content can be frustrating. I can create aesthetically pleasing and relevant content for your pages that will keep your connections updated on your business and its products or services. I do this by creating photos, videos, and digital graphics.

Platform Set-Up

Whether you need consulting on how to set up a social platform, or you need someone to take this work off your hands, I have researched the tools it takes to help bring your small business to life online! Making and building Social platforms can be easy and quick, let me show you how!

Community Support

Each Social Platform has so many ways that you can communicate with your connections. I can ensure no one will slip through the cracks! Engagement and consistent responses via responses to comments, messaging and DMs will ensure your community stays strong and informed with you and your brand.


Email Marketing

Creating an effective email marketing campaign can easily gain new traffic to your business. I can create beautiful Emails, Ads, Newsletters, Automations, and even Landing Pages that will create Long Lasting Leads!

DIY Content Creation

Want to create your own content but you're not sure how?

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